Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Video!

The boys' first day of school...on video!

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's all over now!

So my little Gavs has started kindergarten and Deppers is in preschool! All though Gavin's kinder. is only 2 1/2 hours I'm still depressed. I mean its good that they both get to get out of the house and make friends but i can't help feel that since hes in actual school its the beginning of the end! He'll just keep starting new school years till he graduates goes on a Mish.(hopefully) Then goes off and gets married. (i do feel sorry for my future daughter in laws if you know me you probably do to) So i may be being a little dramatic but i guess what I'm trying to say is i want my boy's to stay little. They do look handsome on their first day of school though!

Summer Time

So since its been like 5 months or so since my last post i thought id post some pics. of this summer. We mainly just swam, played in the sprinklers and sat inside in the air conditioning. But we did take a three week trip to texas to visit bradys fam. Even though school has started and vacations are over don't worry i live in vegas we still have a solid month in a half of the heat!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

6 Down Eternity to go!

So today is mine and Brady's SIX year anniversary. Man I'm getting old, So here our some of my favorite moments being married. 2002 Provo Utah were it all began, March 15th Las Vegas temple a rainy day wedding, Denton TX April 13th when gavs came making us parents for the first time, Waiting room of sunrise hospital May 25 2006, sorry Depp not your b-day but when the nurse came to tell us your heart was beating on its own, i think one of the best moments of both of our lives, Dec. 11th 2008, River came, no matter whether its your first or third becoming parents again is still just amazing. So thank you babe for the big times like having getting married having kids going on fun vacations and also for the little times family breakfasts watching movies and playing steam roller on the tramp. I know its not perfect but your the best husband I've ever had!

Friday, March 13, 2009

To many to choose

So i bribed my children in to letting me take pics. of them! When ever i get the camera out they cover their pretty little faces and if i do get them to look at me they give me dirty looks. So last Saturday i said id make them a deal i would take them to the dinasure park if when ever i told them to look at me they had to look at me and smile. well they looked at me but never with a smile oh well i still liked a ton of the picutres so here they are. If you cant tell i like really close up shots!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I suck

So i thought that once i got my new digital camera that i would be better at bloging! i guess nothing can help me! so we'll play a little catch up over the last three months.depp had a little dance preformance and decided to give his reindeer a kiss in the middle of it. but dont let this sweet face fool you. lately he is obsessed with any thing scary his favorite movies are the nightmare before christmas and monster house. he also in his prayers every single night says thank you for the grinch!
If you cant tell i have ablosutly no idea how to make the pic. go were i want them! Also up above ther is a pic. of rivs blessing, and of brady taking the boys golfing i even met up with them for a little bit and gavs taught me how to swing. Well this isnt the prettiest post but maybe ill practice more and get a little better

Monday, December 15, 2008

River Hits the Big Screen!

River was born 12/11. Both he and Michelle are doing great. Here is River in his first major role.